What is the “E-Commerce Purchase Protection” benefit?

E-Commerce Purchase Protection (E-Comm PP) benefit covers purchases that you make online using an online payment process and in the event it does not arrive, the wrong item arrives or is damaged when it arrives. We will reimburse you the cost of your purchase, up to your benefit limit, if the online seller does not refund the cost of your purchase and you cannot recover your loss from any other source. Most items that you purchase online are covered under this benefit.

How do I register for this benefit?

You do not need to register to avail of this benefit. You are automatically covered and you do not register your online purchase to be covered.

Do I need to keep copies of receipts or any other records of my purchase?

Yes. In case you will need to file a claim later on, you will need to send in a copy of your receipt or invoice that clearly identifies the item that you have purchased. This is usually sent to your email address registered with the online seller.

What should I do before I make a claim?

In the event your online purchase doesn’t arrive, the wrong item arrives or is damaged when it arrives, communicate with your seller to inform him of the situation. Most merchants should be able to offer a solution. In case a refund is not provided, you can initiate a claim submission under this benefit

How long would it take to process my claim?

We will endeavor to process your claim within 7-9 working days after you have submitted all the documents required.

Can I claim multiple times under E-Comm PP?

Yes, you can claim multiple times within a 12-month period for as long as you have not fully consumed your annual aggregate limit. Note that there is a limit per claim incident.